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Massiv-Holz-Mauer is a massive solid wood wall element that does not contain film, glue or chemical substances and allows natural heat exchange and moisture movement, ensuring a self-regulating indoor climate. With a simple but ingenious solution, the structure has been made very strong and durable.

The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® was developed by the mechanical engineering entrepreneur Hans Hundegger. The company he founded – Hans Hundegger AG – has been manufacturing machines for the timber-processing industry and carpentry firms since 1978.

If you want to get more information about MHM houses, read more about MHM here.

EstHus does not have standard projects. All our houses are built according to the customer’s drawings. We believe that just as there are individuals in the world, there are also different wishes and visions for their house.

A standard project may at first seem like an easier and faster way to build a home. However, it is important to understand that a standard project is a standardized solution that may not fully satisfy your individual needs and wishes.

A home should be personal and reflect your unique preferences and dreams. If you use a standard project, you limit your creativity and the ability to design the home the way you want.

The experience and knowledge of the architects allows them to make a project according to your needs, spatial conditions and budget. In order to achieve the best result, we can recommend you architects to turn to in order to find the best solution for your home.

EstHus does not offer assistance with building permit applications and usually leaves this task to clients or their chosen architects. Architects have valuable knowledge and experience in the building permit application process and can advise and guide clients in this regard.

We provide a working project, which is necessary when applying for a use permit. The work project contains detailed drawings, plans and technical documentation, which are important for the municipality to issue a building permit for the home. This helps clients and architects to be well prepared and submit complete and correct applications.

Our company does not prepare architectural projects itself. In terms of architectural projects, our cooperation partners will help you, whose contact details you can ask us.

Our designers use architectural designs as a basis and prepare a working design for production. The work project includes the detailed technical drawings, plans and documentation necessary for the production and erection of the house, according to the architectural design and local building regulations.

Yes, EstHus produces timber frame houses, but this service is primarily aimed at business customers and the export market. Private customers can order MHM, i.e. cross-laminated nail wood houses from us.

MHM is a structural solution offered by us, which is made of cross-layer boards and fastened with nails. MHM houses have several advantages, including excellent heat retention, sound insulation and humidity control.

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We have long-term experience in the production of modular houses for business customers. EstHus has not produced modular houses since 2019.

One of the bigger modular house projects can be seen here.

The cost of a house depends on many factors, and pricing is very individual, as each house is unique and meets specific customer needs and preferences. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including house size, architectural details, building materials, interior finishes, technical solutions, and more.

Regarding the price per square meter of the house, it is important to understand that it can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the quality of the materials. For the same house, the price per m2 can range from €2,000 to €3,000 or more, depending on construction details and options.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible solution that meets your needs and budget. Therefore, it is important to discuss your wishes, budget and project details so that we can provide a more accurate quote and help find the best solution for your family.

The time it takes to erect a house depends on several factors, including the size of the house, its complexity, the chosen construction method and the scope of the work.

In the case of an MHM house, the average house becomes waterproof in about a week. Facade works take a few weeks, but it can also take longer – it all depends on the complexity of the house, materials and exterior appearance (e.g. what materials have been used for the facade, what is the roof solution).
In the case of an element house (wooden frame), the degree of completion of the elements is higher and the house is completed faster.

The actual construction time may vary depending on the specifics of the project, season, weather conditions and other circumstances. We can give a more detailed schedule for each project separately.

MHM, i.e. cross-layer nailed wood, is a 100% glue- and chemical-free massive wall element, where all wood layers are nailed together with aluminum nails. MHM is produced from certified wood (PEFC and FSC®). Read more about MHM here.

CLT, or cross-laminated timber, is also a massive wall element. CLT panels are made by gluing, where wood layers are glued together using special glues.

Both materials, MHM and CLT, are strong and durable structural materials. MHM also offers excellent heat retention, sound insulation and humidity regulation thanks to the natural properties of the wood layers.

mhm ristlõige
MHM cross-section

EstHus Timber frame factory in Vedu Village, Estonia

Our production capacity:

  • 75 000 elements per year
  • Up to 100 private houses per year

We have experience working on different countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands etc.

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