Certified timber frame houses

Since 2009, we’ve produced and assembled precision timber frame houses with high quality. Our controlled indoor production ensures efficient assembly in days. With a focus on customization, sustainability, and documenting the process, we foster a harmonious relationship with nature. Experience the EstHus difference and realize your dream home.


The elements produced in the factory are completed fast and in large quantities, and this significantly shortens the time of site works.


We have the capacity to produce both private houses and large developments. Thanks to our long-term experience, we have well-thought-out solutions and the machinery necessary for the work.


We design production drawings, which are sent directly to the CNC / PBA machine, where the elements are cut out with mm accuracy. We document the whole process and follow the ISO and issued ETA. 

timber frame houses

Timber frame houses

Our timber frame houses are factory-produced from various wooden construction elements (wall, roof, suspended ceiling, floor, terrace and balcony elements). The elements are produced under controlled indoor conditions, thus ensuring the precision and high quality of the constructions. Thanks to the large completeness, the house can be erected in just a few days.

All our timber frame houses are built according to the customer’s project. The entire process from customer contact is documented.

The production process is based on the principle of resource-valuing construction – sustainable forest management and we economically use all raw material so that the next generations can also enjoy nature to its fullest.

All our elements are produced in the factory located in Vedu village, near Tartu, Estonia.

Craftsmanship and Efficiency: Trusted Construction Services for Developers

At EstHus, we specialize in providing exceptional construction services tailored to the needs of developers. Our team of skilled craftsmen combines meticulous craftsmanship with cost-efficiency, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost professionalism. Furthermore, our manufacturing process adheres to strict ISO standards and complies with European Technical Assessment (ETA) guidelines, ensuring the performance, quality and reliability of our timber frame elements. Discover how we can turn your development vision into a reality.


European Technical Assessment (ETA) for Reliable Construction

Ensuring Performance and Compliance

  • Our timber frame elements have received European Technical Assessment (ETA), validating their performance through an independent assessment process.
  • Compliance with ETA standards guarantees that our construction materials and methods meet industry regulations and quality benchmarks.

Meticulous Production Control System

  • To maintain consistency and reliability, we have implemented a comprehensive production control system, ensuring that our timber frame elements consistently meet the highest standards.
timber frame house

Sustainable Design and Environmental Considerations

Green Solutions for a Sustainable Future

  • Our commitment to sustainable design principles ensures that your development aligns with environmental standards and promotes energy efficiency.
  • We integrate energy-saving features such as well-insulated structures and energy-efficient windows to reduce heating costs and create a comfortable indoor environment.

At EstHus, we are dedicated to providing construction services that exceed the expectations of developers. With our focus on craftsmanship, efficiency, compliance with ISO, ETA, PEFC and FSC® standards, and sustainable design principles, we create exceptional properties that stand the test of time. 

Contact us today to discuss your development project and experience the difference our quality construction services can make.

Timber frame house production

We are capable of producing houses for different styles and purposes:

  • Student houseing
  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Private residences
  • Holiday houses and cottages
  • Kindergardens and schools
  • Office buildings etc.


Before making a price offer, we consult with the customer to find the materials and solutions that meet the customer’s wishes. It is advisable to contact us at the earliest possible stage.

In order to be able to prepare a price offer, we need a floor plan, a sketch, views of the house. Quoting is a long process and takes a lot of time. Our goal is to make a price offer that is comprehensive and where all the necessary parts are described.

Our design team makes the necessary static calculations and drawings necessary for production.

Production takes place in our Vedu factory, under controlled conditions. The entire process is documented. A separate account is kept for each element, pictures are taken and quality control sheets are filled out.

Delivery to the object is carried out with the help of our cooperation partners. Our transport companies can cope even in difficult circumstances.

The installation of the house elements is done by a team that grew out of EstHus and has been with us since the beginning.