A complete solution for a healthy home

A complete solution for a healthy home created by EstHus

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Recommended layers in MHM construction (from inside to outside):

Instead of a wooden facade, other facade solutions can also be used.

Today, people value being close to nature more than ever, and that too when staying indoors.
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Environmentally friendly wood fiber insulation provides protection against the cold, contributes to the moisture-technical performance of structures and increases the energy efficiency of buildings.

Wood fiber materials have the highest heat capacity of all insulation materials on sale. This makes them the best protection against the summer heat.

Wood fiber insulation is rainproof but at the same time has good water vapor permeability. They have good fire test properties and excellent sound insulation.

The materials are easy to handle and install. The solutions are simple and long-lasting.

The wood is broken into fibers and the fibers are made into bulk wool that can be installed with a blower, flexible insulation mats and also hard insulation boards. STEICO products are covered by the PEFC certificate.

STEICO insulation materials make a significant contribution to ensuring a uniform room climate both in summer and winter.

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Pro Clima

A weatherproof vapor and air barrier system is an important part of the structure.

Air tightness has a significant impact on our indoor comfort, activity and performance. Although comfort cannot be objectively measured because people perceive the surrounding environment differently, it is possible to create an indoor climate that meets the comfort of most people.

When preventing structural damage to the structure, it is not the vapor barrier properties that are decisive, but the amount of drying reserves of the structure is important.

The air barrier layer prevents air movement in the structure.

Pro Clima offers compatible, long-lasting complete system solutions for safe and practical airtightness, each consisting of vapor and air barrier fabric, joint adhesive, construction tape, as well as cuffs and detailed special solutions.

nail laminated timber

MHM® nail laminated massive wood

Nail laminated massive wood (MHM) is made from planks milled into a groove. Cross joining with aluminum nails creates a very strong and stable structure.

The “channels” in MHM help to improve heat retention, significantly reduce the risks of moisture damage and increase the soundproofing of the structure

The massive wooden structure perfectly regulates humidity and prevents electromagnetic radiation.

Only technically dried wood is used for production, in order to protect wooden structures from wood pests.

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Only natural materials are used exclusively for the production of Fermacelli gypsum fiber boards, which is one of the factors in ensuring a healthy room climate. The plate is resistant to mechanical shocks, fireproof (A2 EN 13501-1 st. from 30 min.), sound-insulating, moisture-proof, bearing circle and stiffness plate. They ensure the stability and safety of a high-quality wooden building. Fermacell gypsum fiber board allows you to do everything necessary in a building from the basement to the attic, using it in the construction of ceilings, walls and floors, in a space-saving manner.

Gypsum fiberboard contains gypsum and waste paper. These two natural materials are mixed into a uniform mixture and water is added (without binders), a stable and odorless building board is pressed under high pressure. It is dried and cut to the required size.

Clay and lime products

100% natural and recyclable products. There are many soft and natural shades and finishing options that can be used to create very exciting and personal solutions for all rooms – including laundry rooms. In addition, these products perfectly regulate air humidity, are suitable for allergy sufferers, prevent electromagnetic radiation and only help to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Clay and lime products are sustainable building materials with a small ecological footprint.

Clay products are an ideal choice for finishing dry interior spaces. Clay is the binder with the lowest energy consumption. Clay has an excellent ability to maintain the humidity of the room between 40-60%, which is the best for the human body.

Lime products are the best choice for damp rooms and facades. Lime plasters are well suited for public spaces and surfaces with greater load. Smooth lime-based finishes are the first choice in shower corners or when you want to wash the walls.

Properly selected materials make the MHM house complete.