What is MHM Massiv-Holz Mauer?

Building with wood is good for both people and the environment.

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MHM® - Massiv-Holz-Mauer® - massive wood

Massiv-Holz-Mauer “MHM” or cross-layered timber is a solid, dry construction material made of massive solid wood.

Nail-laminated timber is a 100% film, adhesive, and chemical-free wall construction, which means that natural heat exchange and moisture movement are not hindered. The natural structure of wood absorbs and releases moisture, thereby regulating humidity. This creates a self-regulating indoor climate, resulting in a truly comfortable and healthy living environment.


Nail-laminated timber Massiv-Holz-Mauer – MHM is produced from high-quality softwood boards.

Thanks to the optimal technical drying of the wood, with a residual moisture content of approximately 15%, untreated boards exhibit excellent dimensional stability and resistance to pests.

We use both FSC® and PEFC certified raw materials.


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Production preparation

Massiv-Holz-Mauer cross-nailed wood panels are made from ribbed wood layers. The purpose of the grooves is to create air cushions and the capacity of the air there for better heat and sound resistance of the structure.

When the surface of untreated boards is grooved, air cushions of the finished wall are created, which improve the heat retention of the wall by about 20% compared to ordinary wood. This allows the homeowner to save 20% on wood and insulation material, which is economically beneficial.

The width of each table is between 140 – 260mm and the thickness is 24mm.


Production - the first stage

The cross-nailed studded wood elements are produced on the “wall master” production line specially developed for this purpose.

All the layers of the board are placed crosswise. Vertical boards are load-bearing, horizontal boards are binding. The panel is very dimensionally stable, but it plays very minimally. With the measuring instruments used on the object, it is not possible to measure its shrinkage and expansion due to humidity, because it is minimal.

In order to connect the boards together, we use aluminum nails. The use of aluminum nails gives the opportunity to process panels on wood processing equipment.

On the production line, ready-made elements are made, the size of which can be a minimum of 2m x 2m and a maximum of 3.25m x 6m. Wall thicknesses are 11.5 cm to 34 cm, depending on the target. Or 5 to 15 layers of wood.

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Production - the second stage

The necessary door and window openings are made for each semi-finished wall element in a CNC processing center. All the holes, grooves and cutouts necessary for heating, sanitary equipment, electrical plugs and other devices are made with the help of a computer in the MHM wall with high precision.

Of course, it is also very easy to do additional milling work later.

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Watch the video introducing Massiv-Holz-Mauer - MHM solid wood:

Transverse fastening with special aluminum nails creates very strong and stable elements, offering an alternative to concrete and stone structures.

Thanks to the grooved layers of wood, sound waves are refracted in the air ducts.

In addition, the grooves help with any excess moisture that can penetrate the wall, for example, in the event of a water disaster. Thanks to the grooves, moisture can quickly get out of the structure again and the drying process takes place quickly, which significantly reduces the risk of mold.

The cross-nailed massive wood construction impresses with its very good sound insulation characteristics, regardless of whether it is noise coming from inside or outside. Good sound insulation characteristics result from the large base mass and layered structure of MHM®. Residents appreciate the excellent sound insulation properties of the MHM® wall.

For various solutions, we offer specially developed and tested wall constructions that allow creating a combination of noise and fire protection. For example, would you like a noise-reducing partition wall between you and the children’s bedroom?

We have the right noise protection solution for every situation, e.g. the high requirements of hotels or partitions in apartments.

Flexible construction

Massiv-Holz-Mauer – MHM makes it possible to build large and small, functional and homely, classic and modern houses. MHM gives complete planning freedom to build a log house with indoor climate, even in the central city.

Do you want a square, polygonal or trapezoidal building? As a customer, do you want a wooden facade or do you prefer a plastered house? Is your plan more rustic, conservative or modern? All this and much more can be achieved without much additional cost. With the MHM® system, it is also possible to build solid wooden houses in the funk style.

Make your construction dreams come true with automated machining and state-of-the-art manufacturing tools.

MHM cross-layered massive wood has many good properties

Cross-laminated wood panels make it possible to combine the advantages of untreated wood as a natural building material with the benefits of a strong structure.