Your well-being starts with a healthy and personalized home

A breathing house is a living home

In the construction of modern houses, the biggest goal is to achieve a beautiful and warm building, but too often it is forgotten that it should also be good, healthy and comfortable to live in.

At EstHus, we believe that a decent home should last for several generations – however, our long-term experience shows that, unfortunately, many customers make decisions in a hurry and without thinking, choosing solutions that do not work and do not last. Our team has knowledge, experience and we help each family find the best possible solution for them.

Natural living – without glue and chemicals

Flexible construction

– we have the ability to produce various architectural solutions

Health-promoting indoor climate

– we help you choose compatible materials so that you can live comfortably at home

Natural construction

– by building with natural materials, we help both ourselves and the environment.

Massiv-Holz-Mauer® home owner experience

The home should work in the background so that you don’t notice it – so that it creates added value for you.

A decent home should last for several generations. A sustainable solution should be as natural as possible to support both the health of the residents and the surrounding environment.

Why cross-layered solid wood? See more in the video