Resource-wise Construction

Today, construction projects are more complex than ever before. Thousands of tasks must be precisely controlled to run the project smoothly on budget. For success the whole construction process needs to be resource-wise!


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About us

EstHus is a highly rated Estonian manufacturer of prefabricated timber frame houses. We have two contemporary factories in Estonia with a total area of 5 350 m2. Our products are made using high-quality, dry and environmentally friendly materials. The whole production process is resource-wise, which ensures flexibility, quality, a competitive price and on-time delivery. When choosing EstHus as your partner you can rest assured that we take care of everything – engineering, production, shipment and even assembly. Our aim is to meet all your expectations and be a reliable long-term partner.

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Meie loodud kodud kestavad! EstHus OÜ tegevusalaks on elementmajade tootmine ja paigaldus. Oleme usaldusväärne partner - meil on pikaajalised kogemused ja meie tooteid hinnatakse üle Euroopa. Meie toodangut võib leida nii Soomes, Rootsis, Norras kui ka mujal.
EstHus15/03/2019 @ 8:52
What is Mass Timber?
The two most common forms of timber construction are light timber framing and mass timber.
Mass timber differs in that the products are “engineered”, being factory made from smaller sawn wood materials, which instead of the typical timber frame system utilize multiple layers of timber, laminated (joined) using glues or mechanical fasteners to form solid timber panels or beams.
There are several types of mass timber products: Glulam, cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail laminated timber (NLT), mass plywood panels (MPP), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and dowel laminated timber (DLT).

MHM® that we are producing goes under the nail laminated timber (NLT). Production system that does not use any glues or chemicals.
EstHus15/03/2019 @ 8:36
Meie Tartu tehast külastasid Eesti Ettevõtlike Naiste Assotsiatsiooni BPW Tartu klubi liikmed. Tutvustasime majatehast ja ristkiht-puitpaneelist (MHM) ehitamise kõiki eeliseid. ☺️🏡
EstHus05/03/2019 @ 15:10
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