Advantages of prefabricated timber frame houses:

FAST AND EASY CONSTRUCTION: Prefabricated components speed up construction time, resulting in lower labour costs. Timber frame technology allows to perform several tasks at once – while the timber frame elements are produced at factory, it is possible to carry out preparatory works at the building site – ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks. And Afterwards the house assembly process is already carried out quickly. Assembling a whole house at building site takes only a few days.

COST SAVINGS: The more you save the time for the construction, the lower the esitamated costs are. Shorter producing and assembling time enables to keep the amounts spent for construction workers, equipment and supervisory staff. In addition, the material consumption will be optimised to a maximum extent. Due the speed of production we are able to build houses in a cost-effective way. For a property developer, a quicker turnaround time to complete a development brings huge commercial gains and savings.

HIGHER QUALITY: The mechanization used in prefabricated construction ensures precise conformity to building code standards and greater quality assurance. Precision engineering combined with controlled producing systems ensure that houses are built to the highest level of quality and consistency.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Wood structure provides excellent thermal insulation and the density protects the house from moisture, mold and condensation risk. Our timber frame houses are highly energy efficient and they are perfect for any climate. Quality control and factory sealing and design ensure high energy efficiency.

WEATHERPROOF: Controlling the climate of timber frame house production helps to reduce the impact of different climatic conditions to a minimum and ensuring thereby all year round assembling and a higher quality of the building.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Timber frame houses can be designed according to the clients wishes and needs, taking into account also the local regulations, traditions and planning requirements. Timber frame provides the structure for the roofs and walls but the building can be clad with different finishings on the outer wall. From an architect’s viewpoint, manufactured housing provides great scope for creative and innovative designs.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Timber frame houses have a much smaller carbon foot print than traditional building due timber is the only fully renewable building material. By using timber in construction we are able to reduce emissions into the atmosphere as well as the resulting negative impact on the environment. Timber has unique characteristics, including strength, durability, natural heat resistance and stability. We acquire our timber from companies that harvest their forests in an environmentally sustainable way.


We are capable to deliver our timber frame houses across the whole Europe.

For a successful and effective house assembly a detailed delivery plan is provided for each project.


SAFER AND CLEANER BUILDING SITE: The building site is much more eco friendly due most of the construction takes place in factory and only the erection of house is taking place on site. The result is less wasted materials and a cleaner building site. Worker safety and comfort level are higher than on site-built construction.

LONGER LIFE SPAN AND UNCHANGING PROPERTY VALUE: A house with a good timber frame is expected to last up to a century. Since all elements are built in a dried moisture-free and controlled environment, it is sure to last up to many generations. This is also a factor for its unchanging property value since it remains inhabitable for a long time.


Most of our production is custom made with respect to ideas by the client. Therefore each timber frame house is a unique project and effort for us.