Timber frame houses


Prefabricated element houses are produced of timber frames according to client’s design. The elements itself are produced in the factory, where the indoor conditions guarantee the correct and high quality of the constructions. The prefabricated timber frame elements may include, if needed, windows (with accessories), insulation and inner and outer finishing.

We are capable to produce element houses with timber frames for different styles and purposes:

  • Single family houses
  • Detached houses
  • Terraced houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Summer houses and cottages
  • Public buildings


Advantages of prefabricated timber frame houses:


Prefabricated components speed up construction time, resulting in lower labour costs. Timber frame technology allows to perform several tasks at once – while the timber frame elements are produced at factory, it is possible to carry out preparatory works at the building site – ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks. And Afterwards the house assembly process is already carried out quickly. Assembling a whole house at building site takes only a few days.


The more you save the time for the construction, the lower the esitamated costs are. Shorter producing and assembling time enables to keep the amounts spent for construction workers, equipment and supervisory staff. In addition, the material consumption will be optimised to a maximum extent. Due the speed of production we are able to build houses in a cost-effective way. For a property developer, a quicker turnaround time to complete a development brings huge commercial gains and savings.


The mechanization used in prefabricated construction ensures precise conformity to building code standards and greater quality assurance. Precision engineering combined with controlled producing systems ensure that houses are built to the highest level of quality and consistency.


Wood structure provides excellent thermal insulation and the density protects the house from moisture, mold and condensation risk. Our timber frame houses are highly energy efficient and they are perfect for any climate. Quality control and factory sealing and design ensure high energy efficiency.


Controlling the climate of timber frame house production helps to reduce the impact of different climatic conditions to a minimum and ensuring thereby all year round assembling and a higher quality of the building.


Timber frame houses can be designed according to the clients wishes and needs, taking into account also the local regulations, traditions and planning requirements. Timber frame provides the structure for the roofs and walls but the building can be clad with different finishings on the outer wall. From an architect’s viewpoint, manufactured housing provides great scope for creative and innovative designs.


Timber frame houses have a much smaller carbon foot print than traditional building due timber is the only fully renewable building material. By using timber in construction we are able to reduce emissions into the atmosphere as well as the resulting negative impact on the environment. Timber has unique characteristics, including strength, durability, natural heat resistance and stability. We acquire our timber from companies that harvest their forests in an environmentally sustainable way.


We are capable to deliver our timber frame houses across the whole Europe. For a successful and effective house assembly a detailed delivery plan is provided for each project.


The building site is much more eco friendly due most of the construction takes place in factory and only the erection of house is taking place on site. The result is less wasted materials and a cleaner building site. Worker safety and comfort level are higher than on site-built construction.


A house with a good timber frame is expected to last up to a century. Since all elements are built in a dried moisture-free and controlled environment, it is sure to last up to many generations. This is also a factor for its unchanging property value since it remains inhabitable for a long time.



Watch from the video how prefab timber frame elements are made.


MHM - Solid timber constructions

NATURAL LIVING – WITHOUT GLUE AND CHEMICALSMHM_Broschuere_Massivholzmauer_2014_eng.cdr

Massiv-Holz-Mauer®: Solid – like stone, but dry, warm and healthy!

Profiled timber elements for solid ceilings, roofs and visible inner walls.


Modern humans spend more time indoors than in the open air. The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® makes it possible to combine the advantages of a natural building material made from untreated wood with the benefits of a solid construction. The special production method avoids having to fell a single extra tree for this versatile and capable building material.


The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® is a solid and dry timber wall that is completely free from glue or chemical additives. This results in excellent properties in terms of the biological and physical aspects of construction.

You don’t need to go outdoors to be in the middle of nature!




Watch from the video, what is MHM – Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and how it is produced.


Removing resources carefully from the natural cycle means thatMHM_Broschuere_Massivholzmauer_2014_eng.cdr sustainable reforestation will be able to provide sufficient wood for generations to come – without the associated problems of emissions and waste.


The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® is produced at various locations in Europe and can therefore be regionally procured and manufactured using domestic timbers.


The ecological balance of renewable raw materials is many times superior to conventional construction methods based on finite resources. Only those who build in harmony with nature and think sustainability for the long term can meet the needs of subsequent generations and truly protect our environment.


Innovations, research, modern planning and production technologies make it possible to set new standards in aesthetics with the Massiv- Holz-Mauer®. All physically feasible constructions can be realised.


Grooved softwoods are used to manufacture the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®.MHM_Broschuere_Massivholzmauer_2014_eng.cdr The grooves achieve additional quantities of entrapped air that significantly improve the insulation value. The crosswise connection with aluminium groove pins creates solid elements. Only technically dried wood is used for production as it is resistant to wood pests.


The large internal surface area of solid wood deflects almost all the high-frequency radiation generated by mobile wireless signals. The natural structure and the untreated wood regulate the air humidity throughout the building. The breathability of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® also produces a healthy and comfortable climate.


Windows, doors and installation ducts are integrated into the elements with millimetre precision. The high degree of prefabrication leads to extremely cost-effective installation.


The stable and solid structure of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® permits MHM_Broschuere_Massivholzmauer_2014_eng.cdr the use of a wide range of ceiling systems. Optimal additions to the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® are the profiled timber elements, which are successfully used as roof and ceiling elements. The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® is erected and bolted together by a specialist company element by element, so that the house is protected by its own roof after just a few days. The pleasant and warm climate of a Massiv-Holz-Mauer® house can be felt even during the shell stage.


Gypsum fibre board, gypsum plasterboard, clay building boards or wood panelling can be mounted directly onto the inside of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®. Depending on the insulation standard, wood fibre insulation boards can be mounted directly onto the outside of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®. These board can be plastered or clad with timber formwork or facade panels.


The plaster facade is applied directly to the insulation layer as a mesh filling. This produces an even, tasteful look. This type of facade is highly resistant to the effects of weather and requires very little maintenance. A personal touch can be added through individual, appealing surface structures or different colours. It goes without saying that a combination of wood and plaster facade is also possible, depending on personal preferences.


With a wood facade, the horizontal or vertical panelling is fastened to a substructure. This provides optimal protection of the wall construction and insulation layer against the effects of weather. The facade can be designed with popular types of wood such as spruce, pine, larch or even hardwoods. The woods used in a horizontally installed wood facade mostly consist of a slot and key system, which enables each board to work. The wood facade, when designed to your personal ideas, is noted for its particularly natural charm.


By avoiding glues and other chemicals, the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® emits no impurities or toxic solvents. Glue, dense films, bonded wood panels and plastics for thermal insulation impede or disrupt the natural flow of moisture. The self-regulating interior climate of solid timber houses offers considerable benefits for physical comfort and health. With Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and profiled timber elements, the walls and ceilings literally “breathe”: They have a vapour-permeable construction and can therefore absorb, store and release vaporous moisture.


The formation of mould poses a significant risk to the health of a building’s occupants and is avoided in the shell by means of a dry, vapour-permeable construction.


Notable material and insulation values – Key data of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®


Ecological and cozy – from the basement ceiling to the roof


Your dream house built of Massiv-Holz-Mauer® begins with proper and technically detailed advice. Numerous architects and specialist planners as well as the employees of our partners are on hand to assist you with this. You can even select a carpentry company of your choice. Because each carpentry company can work with the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and each architecture office can include it in its plans. As required, we would be pleased to send you a list of manufacturers and planners by E-mail. You can find the detailed checklist of clients and lots more information at



Characteristics of the MHM construction material Ecological construction and healthy living with MHM wall

Modular houses

Modular housing is a very modern and advanced building system and it’s slowly replacing the traditional building technologies. The modular system is based on the technology of timber frame, where fully finished modules are produced in the factory. The prefab modules are produced such that it is possible to combine them into a so-called multi-module building- modular house. Modular houses can be built in different sizes – one module can serve as a small apartment or as a part of a larger house.  We build the prefab modules complete in the factory, and thereafter transport them with necessary elements to the building site and assemble them in place. EstHus modules are of the highest quality both in materials used and in the construction methods adopted. Our prefabricated modules are generally equipped with windows and doors, interior and exterior finish, electricity and plumbing, sockets and switches.

Modules can be used to build modular houses as:

  • Student housing
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Private residences
  • Holiday houses
  • Kindergartens and Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Social housing
  • Refugee housing

Advantages of modular houses:


Modular houses can be designed according to the clients wishes and needs taking into account also the local regulations, traditions and planning requirements.


Modules are being produced at the factory, where the whole process is protected from the impact of the weather, which ensures at the end better quality of the whole building.


Using modular solutions makes it possible to produce modules and perform works at the same time. And while the manufacturing process of modules taking place at the factory, it´s possible to carry out preparatory works at the building site – ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks.


The more you save the time for the construction, the lower the esitamated costs are. Shorter producing and assembling time enables to keep the amounts spent for construction workers, equipment and supervisory staff. In addition, the material consumption will be optimised to a maximum extent.


EstHus modules are produced by keeping in mind the building’s energy performance. We are paying attention to details such as floor plan, heating and lighting to make it possible to build houses with high energy efficiency.



EstHus design team is making your dreams and wishes come true. Each prefab house begins with concept design, during which floor plans and 3D computer modelling are created. The project contain´s drawings of all key construction details of the timber frame house with detailed descriptions. 3D engineering (with Autocad and Dietrich) provides an advantage to the accuracy of timber frame house construction. In addition to house project we provide also calculations on the strength of the structure and the energy efficiency report of our timber frame houses. In years we have gained a lot of experience at designing houses in various European countries. According to destination of house we are following local traditions and regulations and also 5th Euro Code.



We will help you to realize your dream!


Installation of Prefab Elements

We provide installations service of our prefabricated timber frame elements and modules. According to installation drawings and manuals our professional mounting teams assemble building elements and modules to complete houses and give them a finishing touch.

The building process of an element house is really fast – the house is weatherproof within a few days. Factory production allows to reduce “the climate factor” to minimum, so it is possible to build the house in any season. Modern technologies and materials allows to build resistant, safe and durable timber frame houses that can serve up to 100 years.


Waterproof house in three days.

Watch from the video, how MHM- Massiv-Holz-Mauer®  is installed.